10 Gentle Yoga Stretches For A Good Night’s Sleep

Yoga is very interesting discipline which involves people of all ages and body types. For some people, yoga can be a little physically challenging-not to mention intimidating. Everyone can enjoy the many benefits of yoga-like meditation, which is very helpful in lowering blood sugar, relieving stress, and improving memory.

We are going to share with you 10 simple yoga poses that you can do right on your bed!
These “bedtime yoga” positions are the perfect nighttime routine, as they can ease stiff muscles and stressed minds.
It is very important to speak first to your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen, because these stretches are relatively gentle.
Pose #1: Mindful Meditation

The pose is ideal for people who want to spend a few minutes in quit reflection before hitting the hay.
Start by sitting in a comfortable, cross-legged pose on your bed. Sit up to lengthen your spine, relax your arms, and take three deep breaths.
Try your best to clear your mind and focus on your deep breathing — though it might take time to quiet your mind.
Pose #2: Forward Bend

If you want to get in one last comprehensive stretch before bed, this is the great pose for you.
First, sit up on your bed and slowly fold your body forward, then gently reach your fingertips toward your toes.
If you can’t reach your feet, stretch for your ankles, shins, or thighs — whatever is the most comfortable.
Focus on exhaling, as it will help you deepen your stretch.
Pose #3: Child’s Pose

Kneel on your bed, with your toes together behind you, then spread your knees hip-width apart.
Slowly, lean down until your lying down between your thighs.
Stay there for as long as you feel comfortable, taking deep and focused breaths.
Pose #4: Winding Down Twist

In this pose, you really need to stretch your spine and upper body. You have to start by sitting cross-legged on your bed, and then, put your right hand on your left knee.
Put your left hand on the bed behind you, and gently twist your body to the left. Twist your head so you’re gazing across your left shoulder.
Breathe deeply, then slowly return to the center. Repeat the twist with the other side of your body.
Pose #5: Reclining Goddess

One of the most relaxing poses is the reclining goddess. You’ll be lying completely flat on your bed.
Start by lying down on your back, and bend your knees. Press the soles of your feet together, and just let your legs hang on either side of you.
Simply let your arms fall to your side. If you start to feel cramping or any strain on your lower body, place a pillow or two underneath each knee, to elevate the legs.
Pose #6: Legs On The Wall
This is an especially meditative posture.
Vyda Bielkus, a yoga instructor and cofounder of Boston’s Health Yoga Life, said that doing this inversion will ease tension in your legs. This is very easy way to clear your mind.
Sit on your bed facing the wall. Lie back, and extend your legs up onto the wall.
Let your arms rest by your sides, with the palms facing up. Breathe gently, and feel the stretch in the back of your legs.
Pose #7: Rock-A-Bye Roll


This pose is pretty physically stimulating and is a calming pose. It has many similarities with “happy baby pose”, in that both legs are up in the air and angled toward you.
Lie on your back and hug your knees inward to your chest.
Cross your ankles together and wrap your arms around the shins. Rock your body forward to sit up, then roll back, exhaling as you do so.
“Find a still point in your body and focus on driving the rail bone down,” said instructor Bielkus. “This will elongate the lower back and allow the hips to stretch.”
Pose #8: Pigeon Pose

This pose does absolute wonders for tired legs. Start on all fours, keeping your hands shoulders-width apart.
Bring your left knee forward, between your hands, and stretch your right leg behind you on the bed. Exhale, and fold your body forward over your left knee.
Stay there for as long as you feel comfortable. Do this for a couple of minutes if possible, then switch to the other side.
Pose #9: Easy Supine Twist

You can do this stretch right before you hop out of bed and get ready for the rest of your day. It is a perfect to do in the mornings.
Lie on your back and hug your knees gently to your chest. Hold your legs behind the knees with your left arm, and bring your knees down to the bed on your left side.
Let your head follow, and look to your left. Stay here for a little while, then repeat on your other side.
Pose #10: Fish Pose

At the beginning, this one is a little intense at first, especially to those who may have sore backs. But, it’s an amazing stretch!
Lie flat on your back, and scoot your hands underneath the hips. Then, lift your chest slowly, and slowly stretch your head backward.
Stay like this for a little while, then come back down, and repeat.

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