16 Foods to Eat and Avoid on an Empty Stomach!

We all know that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In this article we are going to give you 16 foods to eat and avoid on an empty stomach.

Don’t: High Sugar Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are packed with refined sugar and we must avoid them in the mornings. They can seriously affect our health.

Do: Oatmeal

It is very beneficial for our digestive system. It boosts our metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels and improves digestion.

Don’t: Tomatoes

Every person who suffers from acid reflux pr stomach ulcers should avoid tomatoes.

Do: Eggs

Eggs are the best option for a perfect breakfast.

Do: Blueberries

They are rich in nutrients which improve blood pressure, boosts metabolism and enhance memory.

Do: Watermelon

Watermelon provides us with solid amount of fluid in the morning. It improves our heart functions and eyes health.

Don’t: Coffee or Tea

A lot of people start their day with coffee or tea, but it s the biggest mistake they made.

Do: Nuts

Nuts normalize pH levels in our stomach, which in turn lowers the risk of excess stomach acids and ulcers.

Don’t: Citrus Fruits

They can irritate our esophagus and other parts of the digestive system

Do: Papaya

It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C ad fiber. It helps us maintain healthy digestive system

Don’t: Shorts Crust/Puff Pastry

They contain yeast, bacteria which irritate the lining of the stomach and leads to flatulence.

Do: Buckwheat

It contains proteins, vitamins and iron and is known to stimulate digestion.

Do: Wheat Germ

It has high amounts of folic acid and vitamin E. Wheat germ boosts our digestive functions.

Don’t: Carbonated Drinks

Both soda and sugar-free carbonated drinks should be avoided on an empty stomach.

Do: Cornmeal Porridge

It is an ideal breakfast choice. It normalizes intestinal microflora and remove the toxins from our body.

Do: Whole Grains

They are full with nutrients which are essential for our body. The best time to eat them is in the morning.

Source: My Natural Way Of Life

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