3 Food Tips to Bring Your Hormones Back to Balance!

Nowadays a lot of women have a problems whit hormonal imbalance. This condition can lead to different healthy issues such as lack of energy, sleepless nights, and problems with concentration, cramps and PMS.

Restoring hormonal balance is really difficult process, but it is extremely important for our health.

Here we are going to give you few tips which will help you control your hormones and improve your endocrine functions.

You should:

1. Reduce the consummation of nuts and seeds

They contain detrimental omega-6 which can lead to developing a numerous diseases and disorders. They increase the estrogen levels and cause cramps, acne and fatigue.

2. Avoid soy

It is confirmed that soy is genetically modified and tend to mimic high estrogen balance, disrupting the balance of your hormones.

3. Magnesium Supplement

Nowadays a lot of people suffer from magnesium deficiency which can cause dizziness, headaches, bloating, sugar cravings, fluid retention and low blood sugar.

Additional Tips:

1. Increase the consummation of coconut oil

2. Get enough sleep

3. Get enough vitamin D

4. Exercise regularly

5. Avoid caffeine

6. Avid alcohol

7. Balance leptin by avoiding foods such as fructose corn syrup and simple carbs.

Source: Best Healthy Guide

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