3 Plants That Generate Oxygen Even at Night-Get One For Your Bedroom!

Numerous people nowadays suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, or night terrors. Fortunately there is a simple and natural solution to improve your sleep and finally get the rest you need. In order to get some rest all you have to do is to place one of the following plants into your bedroom to get a calm and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy.

3 Plants That Generate Oxygen Even at Night –Get One for Your Bedroom:

  1. Snake plants

This is one of the plants that have the ability to covert CO2 during the daytime to oxygen at night. That is why experts recommend us to have several plants in our bedroom. Snake plant also removes the formaldehyde from the air and numerous others toxins released by plywood, tobacco smoke, ceiling tiles, fabrics, floor coverings and adhesives.

  1. Spider plant

This plant is the best cleaner of air. It removes 90% of the potentially cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde. It also absorbs odors and fumes as well as sustaining oxygen levels in the room promoting better sleep.

  1. Peepal tree

Some plants like peepal tree can uptake Carbon dioxide during the night because of their ability to perform a type of photosynthesis called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism. This tree is native to Southeast Asia, southwest China, India and the Himalayan foothills.

Source: Your Healthy Page

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