3 Things You Shouldn’t Do In The Evening To Reduce Your Belly Fat!!

Scientist have discovered unbelievable association between cortisol and abdominal fat. It is known that cortisol is a hormone which reduce stress and anxiety. Unfortunately high level of this hormone increased abdominal fat, also.
Do you have a problem with belly fat? You want to reduce your cortisol?
You should try a following lessons!

1. Turn yourself OFF!
-Nowadays we live a life full with stress, and we are all constantly involved in technology that increases that level. Newest Canadian studies found that people who live calm type of life have lowest level of stress, and live happiest life. You should take a break, takes some minutes for yourself and DO your daily meditation! Every beginning is hard so we recommended you to stole 5 minutes from your work, and turn yourself OFF. This way you will reduce your belly fat by reducing your cortisol level.

2. Work a little less
-Newest studies found out that if you work more than 40 hours per week it will increase your stress. The high level stress will make you more susceptible to alcohol. Since alcohol increases cortisol it will be out of normal limits. Together these things causes abdominal fat. Keep in mind to, if you can, reduce your working hours, this promises healthier and fitter body.

3. Avoid consuming caffeine after 7:00 PM
Caffeine keeps you wake up during nights, uninterrupted sleep has big importance for reducing cortisol. Since caffeine is a stimulation of cortisol secretion you must avoid drinking coffee, at least try to reduce it. Regardless, studies suggest that cortisol release from caffeine is mild if you drink it daily. Although, that little bump shouldn’t be a problem for most of us.

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