A TOTAL HIT!!!!! Lose Your Weight For Only 5 Minutes a Day Without Starvation and Exercises

People usually look down upon exercises because they don’t like movements and sudden changes in their lifestyle. But, that has come to an end. A Japanese physician Fukutsudzi found a new way for losing pounds faster than ever. You have never heard or known this before. It’s so easy and simple, and what is more important, the method is without diet regime, exhausting exercises or wasting money! TRUST ME, IT’S WORKING!

The Japanese physician has released his own book that explains in details his method of losing weight. You don’t have to prepare any certain exercise tools. You need only a large towel, a sting or twine to fasten your towel in a roll and a level surface. You will need to use the flat surface 3-5 times a day.

The Doctor Fukutsudzi discovered that the main cause of fat in the abdominal section is the variance of the pelvic bones and subcostal bone. When he revealed the connection between these two problems, he conceived this method to be fast and easy way which can remove the excess fat around your waist.



Roll the towel and fix It with some tape. Sit on the floor and apply the towel under your back leveled with your navel. The towel should be a little bit wider than the width of your back.

Then, lie down and spread your legs at shoulder width and lean your legs. Extend your arms over your head and turn the palms down in the position where your two small fingers will touch.

This position is not really comfortable as it seems. At the beginning your bones will start to return in their natural position. Implement the treatment as long as you can, or start with the session of minute or two and increase the time gradually until you get to the required 5 minutes. DON’T MISS A DAY DOING THIS!

Take your measurements before the implementation of this treatment. It may give results in different body areas, so the change of the position of the towel may change the main target of exercise. You will get the effect of lifting the chest if you place the towel under your chest.

I really recommend this technique. It provides fantastic and amazing results. I personally lost 3 cm in the waist after the 6-th day. Moreover I lost 3 cm under the breasts and 3 cm on the belly. It may sound unbelievable, but it works. You have to try it!

In case you are suffering from any spine or bone ailment, you have to consult your doctor before implementing this method.

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