6 Tips for Managing Anxiety Without Drugs

Practicing as a holistic psychiatrist in New York City, Doctor Frank Lipman sees many people who suffer from anxiety. These people do not help themselves, they even cause harm using many different drugs and making the situation even worst, said the doctor. This is because they are going about it all wrong. Anxiety is not a Xanax-deficiency disorder. It’s disorder of the body. The mind, spirit and body are all involved in anxiety, but he thinks anxiety is first and foremost a physiologic disorder, and that is a disorder of the body, not just the mind. According to the doctor, there is so much these people can do with diet and lifestyle to manage anxiety, and much of it is safer and more effective than medication.

The following 6 tips will help you how to deal with anxiety with no drugs:
  1. Maintain stable blood sugar

  • If you stabilize blood sugar, you can avoid this stress response and decrease your anxiety
  • The American diet promotes a blood sugar roller coaster, and every time we’re on the ride down, we can feel anxious
  • “It isn’t disrespectful to the complexity of existence to point out that despair is often, just low blood sugar and exhaustion.”-Alain de Botton.
  • You should eat more protein and healthy fats
  • Eat three meals and 2 snacks daily and try to not skip meals
  • Always have a snack handy (nuts, hard-boiled egg, dark chocolate, almond butter)
  1. Do a trial off Caffeine

  • You owe to yourself to do a trial off caffeine if you suffer from anxiety
  • Never underestimate the relationship between caffeine and anxiety
  • When we are caffeinated, out nervous system is ready for a fight. If you introduce a stressor, you will have an all out anxiety response
  1. Sleep

  • Your best protection against anxiety is good quality sleep
  • There is a 2-way street between anxiety and sleep – anxiety causes insomnia and sleep deprivations makes us vulnerable to anxiety
  • All we have to do is to set us for better sleep
  • Let’s see how:
    • Maintain stable blood sugar
    • Reduce or eliminate caffeine
    • Blood sugar fluctuations disrupt your sleep, causing middle of the night awakening
  • You should be more strategic about light:
    • Dim the light at the night, and let your eyes see bright light in the morning
    • Wear an eye mask or get blackout curtains if your room isn’t completely dark when you sleep
  1. Heal the Gut

Let’s see how to promote healthy gut flora and heal the gut:

  • Avoid what irritates the gut:

-certain medication: antibiotics, oral contraceptives, antacids

-food: gluten, industrial vegetable oils, sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners

  • Add in what soothes the gut:

-fermented foods

-bone broth

-starchy tubers

  • Try to manage the stress with yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and being in nature
  • If you are chronic gut infection, get evaluated by an integrative medicine practitioner.
  1. Exercise

  • The best anti-anxiety medicine is exercise
  • Forget the boot camps and triathlons if you struggle to exercise regularly. Get in the habit of mini workouts, and do small amounts of exercise in your living room or take a brief walk outside
  • In general, sit less, stand more, walk whenever possible, and try to lower your standards for exercise.
  1. Magnesium

  • The mother nature’s Xanax is magnesium
  • Here is how to supplement with magnesium in few different ways:
    • Take and Epsom salt bath
    • Try a topical magnesium gel
    • Take a chelated magnesium supplement

If your anxiety doesn’t respond to these lifestyle interventions, the doctor recommends having a consultation with a qualified mental health provider.

Source: Eat Local Grown

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