7 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Cancer People

  1. They are deeply sensitive

Cancer people are extremely sensitive to matters of the heart. People sometimes take their sensitivity for weakness, but in fact it’s hard to break through their tough outer shells to get the soft, squishy parts. If you betray them, they shut down.

  1. They like to win

Cancer people will give up everything and try their best to achieve their goals and succeed. They want to be involved in everything. This one is a good trait because with their ambition going they will take you far.

  1. They will be there for you

Emotions tend to play a dominant role in the lives of Cancer people, but you can always count on them. They are great listeners – which makes them a trusted confidante and advisor to friends and loved ones.

  1. They take charge in everything

They are in charge of everything; cancer people like to plan all the events – parties, birthdays, vacations etc. as a truly power players.

  1. When they’ve decided on something, that’s it

In some way, this may be a negative trait because of the fact that they aren’t very flexible when it comes to their beliefs. Cancer people are persistent and strong-willed. Try to restrict them to something and you will feel their crab claws coming out.

  1. Cancer people are very protective

Well, they can be a little stubborn, but when they love, that is deep. They are fiercely protective. And with the right partner, they will stick forever. Your cancer partner is very capable of “feeling your pain” whether is physical, financial or emotional. They will help you out as long as it is clear that they are not being taken advantage of.

  1. They have great memory

Cancer people have an excellent memory. Your birthday or other important date will never be forgotten. They are very observant and can read people very well. If your partner is Cancer, she or he will usually tell you if other people’s intentions are good or not.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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