8 Amazing Bread-Less Sandwiches Ideas That Will Make You Drool

Giving up on eating bread, makes you sure that you have the right reason to do that! If you can’t use healthy ingredients, or if you are not in a position to bake your own bread, the choices you are left are very expensive.

But, we have a solution for you! You can still adore your favorite meals with no worries that you have not found bread that will make you feel less guilty of eating or frightened of its content.

Here are some ideas below and make sure you don’t forget them every time you think of having a slice of bread. Tasting these “breadless” sandwiches you will be amazed by them and they will take a special place in your menu. Yes, we have warned you!

Barbecue salmon lettuce wraps


Recipe: nomnompaleo

Red bell pepper sandwich


Recipe: theprimalparent

Paleo sweet potato buns


 Recipe: platedwithstyle

Grilled eggplant sandwich


Recipe: mealsandmiles

  Gluten free tapioca wraps


Recipe: glutenfreeonashoestring

Plantain tortillas


Recipe: zenbellycatering

Cucumber subs


Recipe: makethebestofeverything

Portabella halloumi burgers


Recipe: mushroominfo

Trying these delicious sandwiches will make you never ever buy a loaf of bread! Do we have to say anything else? These sandwiches are the best idea since sliced bread was offered to the world! Enjoy your

 Source: Healthy Food House

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