9 Reasons Why You Should Seek Out Papaya Leaf!

Papaya leaves have a numerous healthy benefits. You can eat them or add them in your favorite juice.

The incredible nutrient density of papaya leaves

Papaya leaves contain phytonutrients which have a powerful antioxidant and immune boosting effects on our body flow. They also contain enzymes papain and chymopapain that improve the digestion and protect our digestive system.

It is confirmed that the alkaloid compounds carpaine, pseudicarpaine and dehydrocarpine have chemo-preventive effects. They have powerful antispasmodic, analgesic and antibacterial properties.

Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves Juice

Blood platelet production

  • Researches found that papaya leaves juice improve the blood platelet production.

Support the liver

  • Papaya leaves juice can be used for treating liver disorders and preventing different diseases such as liver cancer and liver cirrhosis.

Boost our energy levels

  • If you drink this juice every day it will boost your energy levels and help you in case of chronic fatigue

Support the digestive system

  • People who have a problem with their digestive track can solve it with this amazing juice. It improves our digestion and boosts our metabolism. This juice can heal the inflammation of our stomach lining and peptic ulcers by eliminating bacteria such as H. Pylori.

Soothes inflammation

  • Papaya leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and they can help us treat and prevent inflammations in our body.

Regulates menstruation

  • If you drink papaya leaves juice it will reduce your PMS symptoms and regulate your menstrual cycle.

Protects your cardiovascular health

  • This magical juice will boost your immune system and improve your cardiovascular functions.

Lowers your blood sugar levels

  • Papaya leaves juice regulate oud blood sugar levels. It improves the insulin sensitivity and prevents diabetes.

How to make a papaya juice in your home?


You must put several papaya leaves in a juicer or blender. Then mix it with cup of water and put the mixture in fridge.

Make a tea

Take 10 papaya leaves and put it in 2 liters of water. After that boil them few minutes and leave the mixture to cool down.

Consume the leaf extract

Papayas leaves extract come in the shape of capsules, tea leaves and tinctures.

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