Amazing DNA Testing, Man is his Own Child’s Uncle

Last year in Canada was born a baby boy, who was his own cousin.

The child’s father is a person who carries two sets of DNA. It was confirmed that the sperm actually belonged to a twin that the father had absorbed in the womb. Technically the vanished twin was the baby’s father.

It was unbelievable that the father was chimerism, but this case is not unique, there are also other people like this who suddenly find out. The process of absorption takes place so early in the fetal development that there are rarely outward signs. Two eggs become one, and normally no one is the wiser. Sometimes a chimeric person will have two differently colored eyes

The parents of the baby boy suspected something from the same beginning. The baby was healthy, but his blood type doesn’t match his father’s or his mother’s. The couple was really worried about what was happening with their child, where the problem was and how can this happen to them. Then they checked with the clinic where the baby was born. There defiantly was no mistake, and the baby is healthy. So they decided to make more genetic testing. The results showed that the baby was related to his father- both as a nephew and a son.

But the story doesn’t ends here. The father has no brother. Then after a few tests, was confirmed that the man was a chimera.

As genetic testing becomes more advanced and more commercially available, incidents like this may not happen. For obvious reasons scientist aren’t sure how the chimerism exist, but we hope that with time this problem is going to be solved.

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