AMAZING: Your Little Finger Reveals What a Person You are!

According to some ancient reading techniques our little finger can say a lot about our personality. The key factors for finger reading are shape and length.

Short finger

Short finger cannot reach to the joint of the ring finger. People who have short finger are reserved and shy. They don’t want to take risks and they are afraid to follow their dreams.


Normal finger

Normal finger reaches the joint of the ring finger. People with normal finger are very hard working and open minded. They are communicative and creative people. If you have friends with normal finger you are very lucky man.

Long finger


Long finger can reach the first joint if the ring finger. This people are charming, polite, charismatic and passionate. They want attention and love.

Same as the ring finger

If you have equal little and ring finger you are very ambitious person. You have big dreams and you do anything to make them true.

Low positioned


The low positioned little finger is lower than the root of the other fingers. This people love the little things in live. They want to be around their family and friends.

Square shape

Square-shaped fingers are the ones where the first joint of the finger is reminiscent of a rectangle and its tip is flat. This people are very sensitive and offensive. They are honest and interesting people full with great ideas. They are born to be leaders.


People with a spiky finger have a pointy tip and they are usually known for their incredible public performances and good writing skills. They have a solution for every problem and they will always find a way to help you.


A curved finger is usually when the finger is bent towards the other toes. People with curved finger are peacemakers. They don’t want confrontations and conflicts.

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