How Your Body Rebuilds Itself In Less Than 365 Days!

During one year the cells in our body die and they get replaced by new ones. These processes are connected with the food we eat.

The choice is yours. You can re-build your body on processed junk foods, cake, pies and pastries or you can re-build your body with fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and pseudo-grains.

Fresh fruit and vegetables improve our regeneration and infuse our body with beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Here is how long it takes different organs and cells to regenerate:

  1. Brain-1 year

In the past it was believed that human brains do not regenerate. Nowadays scientists discovered that that neurons actually can regenerate and new neurons can be added after maturity.

  1. Liver-6 weeks

The liver regenerates itself. If you remove a chunk of the liver, it will quickly regrow back to normal size. Liver needs only 6 weeks to completely rebuild itself.

  1. DNK- 2 months

If we eat a wide variety of high-antioxidant foods such as berries, and broccoli we will improve DNK reparation. Our DNK needs 2 months to repair itself.

  1. Stomach Lining-5 days

It is confirmed that stomach lining can heal. It takes 5 days for the epithelial-cell lining of the stomach to completely rebuild itself.

  1. Skin-1 month

The epidermis recycle every 2-4 weeks. Our skin is one of the most regenerable areas in the body. The stem cells which are present in the dermis of our skin and the cells in the stratum basal of epidermis help the generation of new tissue.

  1. Blood-4 months

It is known that red blood cells live for about 4 months, whereas white blood cells live more than a year. Our body is constantly making new blood.

  1. Bones- 3 months

Our body needs 3 months to rebuild new bone cells. Our bones are constantly changing. We have cells called osteoclasts which break down the old bones, and cells osteoblasts which build the new cells.

  1. Lungs-2-3 weeks

The alveoli of the lungs have a steady regeneration state that takes over a year. The cells on the lung’s surface renew every 2-3 weeks.

Source: Live Love Fruit

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