He Burns Coffee Grounds in His Backyard. The Reason? GENIUS!

Mosquitos are the reason why our most relaxed backyard barbecues turn into a frenzy of swatting and knee-slapping. Some of us are even allergic and others are afraid of serious viruses that can be transmitted.

We try to use a different commercial repellants to protect ourselves, but they have a lot of negative effects for our health.

Here we are going to give you a solution that you can’t imagine. We are talking about coffee grounds!

Recent studies have shown that coffee grounds can be very effective natural repellants and can keep away a different kind of insect, such as mosquitos, wasps and bees.

The smell of burning coffee grounds is the best solution for protecting yourself from mosquitos.

How do you use them?


All you should do is take fresh or used coffee grounds, put them in a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil. When the grounds dry, place them in your garden and burn them.

This is the easiest and cheapest way to protect yourself and your children from mosquitos and have a safe summer.

.Want to see the trick in action? Check out this video!

Source: David Wolfe

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