Castor Oil Remedy For 25 Diseases: Highly Effective Against Allergies and Black Pain!!

Castor oil is extremely beneficent for treating numerous healthy and beauty issues.

Here we are going to give you 25 uses of castor oil:

  1. Castor oil prevents obstipation
  2. Massage with castor oil relive back pain
  3. Apply it on your abdomen and stop snoring
  4. Mix it with baking soda to whiten brown spots
  5. Drop a drop of castor oil in the eyes to cure cataract
  6. Use it for preventing hearing loss
  7. Rub it in your eyelids to relive ocular allergies
  8. Massage you belly during the pregnancy to prevent stretch marks
  9. Treat pilonidal cysts with this oil
  10. Treat warts with it
  11. Use castor oil to massage the injured wrists
  12. With castor oil you can treat heapatitis
  13. Apply it topically on melanoma
  14. Use it to relive tinnitus
  15. Boost your hair grow with castor oil
  16. Use it to energize your body
  17. Massage the soles to reduce calcium deposits
  18. Apply castor oil compress onto your neck to eliminate the nodules on your vocal cords
  19. Mix castor oil and baking soda to treat skin cancer
  20. Apply castor oil on the nee sings to treat pain and swelling
  21. Treat the nail fungus with castor oil
  22. Castor oil compresses boosts the circulation
  23. Castor oil reduce the inflammations
  24. Use it to relive headaches
  25. Apply it on scars

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