Challenge Yourself With Yoga – 5 Poses You Will Love

Yoga is one of the wonderful workout regimens that have stood the test of time. While many diet and workout fads may come and go, yoga is still one of the best low-impact core strengthening workouts for any age. More than just a workout program, yoga can help improve your focus and relax your mind for a better mood and outlook.

Taking yoga classes and making it a part of your life can transform how you feel about your body and look. Blending your mental and emotional states with the calming and soothing experience of yoga, it’s a perfect blend of mind, body and soul.

Proven over the ages there are many different styles and forms of yoga. Some forms focus on breathing habits, other styles of yoga are fast moving exercises but almost all yoga are centered on poses. Yoga poses can range from easy to difficult, but they are almost always rewarding once you get them down.

Yoga poses can give you a challenge and sharpen your focus as well as tone and strengthen your core. But it’s not just about the physical aspect of yoga that makes it so wonderfully appealing.

Here’s five yoga poses that will challenge you and push your body to the results you are after.

Headstand Bow

The traditional headstand bow is a classic yoga pose that gives you another way to enjoy yoga because you are upside down.

Begin with the standard Wheel pose and slide your hands downwards towards your ankles. Even if it seems as though you would be in pain, it’s in fact very comfortable and maintainable once you are in this yoga pose.

Firefly Post

One of the more difficult yoga poses on our list, Firefly is a variation of the Crow or the Stork pose. It can be tough to master but it’s a fulfilling yoga pose once you’ve nailed it.

If you are having problems with the Firefly pose try sitting straight on your yoga mat and extending your arms downward while bent. It may look funny at first but it will pay off for itself once you get this yoga pose.

Hand to Big Toe C

Great for balance and stretching your back and leg muscles, the Hand to Big Toe is fun and challenging because you are balancing on one foot. Try supporting yourself against the wall if you are having problems balancing or even have a yoga buddy help out.

Balancing Butterfly

Taking the basic Butterfly pose and putting an interesting spin on it, this modified version uses the balls of your feet and toes instead of sitting down. Once you get this yoga pose down, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to maintain and completely focus on the inner you.

Forearm Stand Split

Probably the toughest of the yoga poses on this list, Forearm stand is both challenging and adventurous. Try beginning to learn and master this yoga pose with your legs straight instead of split for more control.

Have a yoga buddy help you set up and your legs once split should provide the right level of counterbalance.


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