Check if Something is Wrong with Your Inner Organs in Less Than 1 Minute Just by Doing This!!!

We are going to give you a method with which you can check the functions of your vital organs. All you need is a spoon, a plastic bag, your own mouth and 60 seconds.

This method will help you see the function of you respiratory system, metabolism, hormones, kidneys and intestines in your own kitchen.

All you need to do is to scrape your tongue with the front of the spoon and then collect a fair amount of saliva. Then wrap the plastic bag around the spoon, Keep the spoon in the bag for 60 seconds under a light. After that look the saliva. If the spoon is clean it means that you are healthy person. Then, smell It, and if it smells like saliva that is great.

But what if the color and the smell of the saliva have changed? What it means?

If the color of the saliva is orange it means that you have kidney problems, such as chronic renal disease.

If it is purple, you may have high cholesterol, poor circulation, or some respiratory infection.

White color means you have bronchitis or pneumonia.

Thick yellow indicate a thyroid problem or some hormonal imbalance.

The smell of the saliva is also very important; it can indicate a serious health problem. If it stinks, you must consult your doctor immediately.

A sweet smell is characteristic for diabetes.

The smell of ammonia says that your kidneys are suffering.

This test is used around the world and it is very effective. It is simple and minimally invasive. Everyone can do it this at home. It takes only 60 seconds and it can save our lives. Don’t think twice try it immediately and if you have suspicious results consult your doctor. Our health is our priority and we must do this test twice a year to confirm our wellness.

Source: Home Healthy Recipes

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