This Chinese Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With!

Chinese people believe that different parts from our face are linked to different body organs. Our face can tell us when something is going wrong with our vital organs through the appearance of rashes, pimple or color changes.

This is How to Read the Face Map and See What it Can Tell about Your Health:

Forehead-linked to the bladder and small intestine

Reason: Stress, sleep deficiency, bad nutrition, and alcohol lead to slow digestion.

Treatment: Avoiding stress and alcohol, improving your sleep, drinking a lot of water

Area between the eyebrows: linked to the liver

Reasons: Excessive consumption of meat and don’t having enough rest.

Treatment: Healthy food, fresh air and physical activities

Eyebrow arch: linked to the kidneys

Reason: Poor circulation, smoking and drinking alcohol.

Treatment: Reduce the intake of sweetened drinks, alcohol and caffeine.

Nose: related to the heart

Reasons: high blood pressure, polluted air, gasses and poor circulation.

Treatment: Control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Detox your body regularly and do some physical activities daily.

Upper part of the cheeks: related to the lungs

Reasons: smoking, pollution and asthma

Treatment: Stop smoking and start exercising regularly.

Cheeks: linked to the lungs and kidneys.

Reasons: Poor diet, stress, excessive amounts of sugar and smoking

Treatment: Consume healthy food.

Mouth and chin: linked to the stomach

Reasons: Stress, alcohol, bad nutrition and deficiency of sleep.

Treatment: Follow balanced diet and avoid alcohol.

Jaw and neck: related to hormones

Reasons: Dehydration and too much salty food.

Treatment: Drinking a lot of water and avoiding spices and salty food.

Source: Healthy Food House

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