How to Cleanse Your Liver with Raisins and Water in Only 2 Days!

Besides the brain, heart, kidneys, liver is also a vital organ our body cannot function without. If you are not familiar with this, the liver has many functions in our body:

  • first of all, it is a “major laboratory” which turns toxic substances in the body into less harmful so the kidneys can excrete later;
  • it produces bile, which participates in the digestion of fats;
  • it creates the necessary factors that prevent bleeding;
  • Liver is a depot of vitamins essential for living etc.

We can say that, we cannot live without it! That’s why it’s very important to protect it and improve its functions.

In this article we are going to give you a recipe which will help you clean your liver in two days.

You should put some black raisins in a pot and pour a 3 glasses of water. Leave it for few minutes and then remove the water. After that, use the same water to boil the black raisins for 3 minutes.

Consume this mixture every morning before breakfast. After only two days you will notice the first results.

Note: Do not drink alcohol during this treatment.

Source: Natural Remedies Team

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