The Date is the Best Fruit in The Planet for Our Health!

The dates are one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They have numerous nutrients which are good for our digestion and digestive system. They can help us treat anemia, cholesterol, hypertension and cancer.

Some of the amazing date benefits:

  1. Iron Source

It is found that in 100g dates you have 0.90 g iron that is 11 % of the daily need. That is why dates are recommended especially for pregnant women and children. With them you can prevent anemia and improve your blood health.

  1. Vitamin for the Eyes

Dates contain lutine and zeaxantine which are very beneficial for our eyes. They protect our eye retina and macula and our eyesight become better. If you have eye problems consume date daily to solve your problem and improve your sight.

  1. No Diarrhea

Dates are rich in calcium and they are very efficient in treating diarrhea. If you eat them regularly you will have good bacteria in the belly and intestines.

  1. No Constipation

Put several dates in a glass of water and let them overnight. They will release juice which will act like laxative.

  1. Better Delivery

Eating dates a month before delivery, reduces pain and bleeding. These women gave birth easier than others who didn’t eat this fruit.

Source: Organic Health Universe

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