He Decided to Drink 1 Gallon of Water for 30 Days: The Results are Shocking!

One journalist form USA made an experiment. He decided to drink one gallon of water on daily basis. He was writing down everything that happened. Here are the results:

Day 1:

Let the party begin! The beginning was difficult but he didn’t give up. He was focused on achieving his goal.

Day 5:

Need to urinate every 20 minutes

Drinking 1 gallon of water is not something usual for us. If we want to do it we must drink water even when we are not feeling thirsty at all. That will reduce our appetite and we will start eating less. We will feel a persistent need for urinating and we will go to a toilet every 20 minutes.

Day 10: Feel better

The journalist confirmed that he started feeling better. He was fresh and energized. He felt better. His skin and hair has become shinier.

Day 15: Feeling full of energy

In this period he wasn’t drinking coffee anymore; he didn’t felt the need for it. He started sleeping better. Also he started feeling thirsty more often. His body was adapted to his new lifestyle.

Day 20: Other people started complimenting him

He frequently visited the toilet, but his urine begun to be crystal clear. He was feeling healthier than ever. In addition the other people started complimenting him and he was feeling really happy.

Day 30: Clean and free

It was the last day of his experiment. He confirmed that drinking one gallon of water per day was too much, but he will not stop doing it. The reason are the many positive effects he felt while drinking this amount of water. The most important thing is to find out the proper amount of water for your body, and to start drinking it as soon as possible to feel the benefits.

Source: Losing Weight Done

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