Doctors Are Warning: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop It Right Now And This is The Reason Why

All of us have an aluminum foil in the kitchen and we use it for cooking and wrapping. What we don’t know is that it can affect our health and cause serious damages.

Our bodies can excrete small amounts of aluminum very efficiently. This means that minimal exposure to aluminum is not a problem. The WHO has established a safe daily intake of 40 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. So for a person who weights 60kg the allowable intake of aluminum will be 2400mg.

Aluminum is a neurotoxic heavy metal which has numerous side-effects on the function of the brain.

If we use aluminum foil for cooking we must know that when we expose it to a high temperature, it emits part of the metal into the food, and the heavy metal might leech in it.

According to a numerous medical studies, the exposure to aluminum cause long-lasting adverse effects including mental decline, balance loss, coordination and memory. Developing of Alzheimer’s disease is also related with this heavy metal.

That is why researchers suggest that aluminum foil should not be used for cooking. Instead they recommend using glassware or porcelain when preparing baked dishes.


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