We are Eating Toxins! Here is How to Recognize GMO Tomatoes in 2 Easy Steps! (Photo)

A lot of us can’t recognize GMO tomatoes. We buy them and eat them every day, without knowing the difference.

Here is how you can find the true about the vegetables you consume.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables have price tags with a code that consists of five digits and they always starts with number 9. Fruits and vegetables which have been grown with injection of chemicals have tags with a code that consists of four digits, starting with the number 8. This fact is very important because nowadays 80% of the processed food in the USA Is genetically modified. We must know what we buy and what we give our children to eat.

In many European countries, such as France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Luxemburg production and selling GMO products is banned.

Source: Make Your Life Healthier

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