You Experience Bad Circulation and Cold Hands and Feet? Here’s What You Can Do to Solve This Problem!

Usually problems with the circulatory system happen because our blood vessels become blocked by a greasy substance called thrombocyte. They interrupt the normal blood flow across the blood vessels.

This condition can be caused by: hypertension, veracious veins, and ictus cerebral, arterial peripheral illness, hear illness, renal illness, aneurism, arteriosclerosis and phlebitis.

Bad circulation can be treated with medications, lifestyle changes and alternative therapies.

There are also natural ingredients which can improve our circulation. Some of them are: garlic, pepper, ginkgo, biloba and ginger.

Doctors recommend changes in our diet. They say we must eat more fibers, fruit and vegetables. Also we should drink a lot of water. It is extremely important to reduce coffee, tea and alcohol. If you smoke, you must quit it immediately. We should eat healthy food and keep our cholesterol and blood glucose under control.

Regular exercise and meditation will improve our blood flow and reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues.

If you follow these recommendations you will solve your problem with bad circulation and improve your health!

Source: Just Amazing Recipes

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