Experts Confirmed: Prevent Breast Cancer With These Fruits and Vegetables on Your Table Every Day

One of the most invasive female cancers worldwide is the breast cancer.

It is not exactly sure what causes breast cancer, but we all have the same risk factors that impact on a woman’s likelihood of developing it. Experts have discovered than diet rich with fruits and vegetables boosts the immune system and fights the factors which cause breast cancer.

Here is a list of food that you must have on your table if you want to save yourself from breast cancer.


Garlic is a rich source of cancer-fighting compounds called allium. It is shown that garlic not that only slows tumor growth and prevents breast cancer he also prevents other forms of cancer such as colorectal and prostate cancer.


The crunchy seeds of a pomegranate are well endowed with ellagic acid, a potent antioxidant that may inhibit an enzyme that plays a role in breast cancer development. Pomegranates, a rich source of antioxidants, have also been linked to improved heart health.

Green tea

Consumption on a regular basis has been linked to lower incidence of breast cancer. The phytochemicals in green tea can well take the credit for its health benefits. One to two cups of green tea daily can help you keep cancer at bay.


They have some phytochemical or nutrient that will help fight cancer. Chili and jalapeno peppers have capsaicin that fights the growth rate of cancer cells. Green peppers are rich in chlorophyll which can bind cancer-causing carcinogens found in the gut. Red peppers have both capsaicin and antioxidant carotenoids.


They are delicious and good for you, so there’s no reason not to enjoy berries as much as possible. Berries, especially strawberries are high in ellagic acid, a phytochemical that has been shown to prevent skin, bladder, lung, esophagus and breast cancers.


Breast cancer survivors may be able to reduce their risk of cancer recurrence if they eat a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables. Compounds in cruciferous vegetables called sulforaphane, may help fight the spread of tumors.


A recent study found that fruits and vegetables high in carotenoids may reduce your risk of unaggressive form of breast cancer. Red and orange fruits and vegetables are rich in carotenoids, so opt for produce like tomatoes, carrots and cantaloupe in your diet.

Our advice is to follow this list of food, exercise daily, take care of your body and your body will take care of you. This way breast cancer will no longer be a treat to you.

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