Female Only! These 11 Foods Will Boost Your Metabolism

The newest researches have proven that many people need protein more than we realize. The current RDA is 0.8g of proteins per 1 kg body weight, but some of the studies have found that 1 to 1.2g may be more protective against muscle loss due to aging. To protect your metabolism and safely lose weight, to offset muscle loss, you must eat protein throughout the day. These foods will help you in metabolism-bosting. Let’s start with it!

  1. Avocado

-Protein content: 4g per avocado

Avocado has protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids and super-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

  1. Organic Cheese and Milk

-Protein content: 6-7g per oz; 9-10g per one cup

Organic cheese and milk keeps you full and provides more nutrients than low-fat varieties.

  1. Asparagus

-Protein content: 4g per one cup

This is a tasty vegetable and you can eat it chopped in salads, or you can steam or grill it. Enjoy in this powerhouse nutrient!

  1. Legumes

-Protein content: 7-9g per ½ cup (cooked)

Mix black beans, chickpeas and lentils with some rice and you have a complete-protein meal!

  1. Yogurt

-Protein content: 18g per 6 oz

This creamy and thick yogurt contains twice as much protein as other sources of dairy. It is excellent with fruit! It is also great with some artificial sweeteners. But keep in mind, you shouldn’t sweeten it too much, it is much healthier and tastier just with fresh fruit.

  1. Tree Nuts

-Protein content: 2-4g per one tbs

You should eat every day a little handful of almonds or walnuts, you can make your own mix with yogurt and walnuts or with oatmeal. It can be your snack too.

  1. Spinach

-Protein content: 5g per 1 cup (cooked)

Spinach contains highest protein content than all other leafy greens. You can try it in combination with garlic.

  1. Fish and Shellfish

-Protein content: 28g per 4 oz

You should try to aim for 3 to 4 servings a week whether it is halibut, tuna or salmon it is always a great choice! Opt for wild fish instead of farmed (unless you know and you trust the people who breed them).

  1. Eggs

-Protein content: 6g per one egg

Eggs are fuel for muscles, no matter how you prepare them. The yolks of the egg is a full of many nutrients but do not overdo it, it is allowed only 2 yolks per day.

  1. Hemp seeds

-Protein content: 5g per one tbs

Excellent for salads and soups, hemp seeds contains 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that build muscle.

  1. Pseudo Grains

-Protein content: 5-9g per one cup (cooked)

Pseudo Grains are extremely high in protein and contain so much vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron.

Source: Wise Mind Healthy Body

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