Feng Shui Rule – Do Not Store Anything Under the Bed, Except One Thing!!!

The Feng Shui rule for storing things under your bed is “don’t do it”. It says that when we sleep in our beds, our subconscious mind is open and absorbs more energy. If we have things under the bed our mind will absorb their energy and it can be very bad.

That is why the space under our bed should always be open to let the energy flow.

The only exception according to Feng Shui is to keep a ‘treasure box’ under the bed.

What is that box and what’s in it?

This box can cause a greater or lesser energy vibration. You can have open box which will manifest an ‘open’ type of energy and solid lid which is more secure and stable energy.

The material of the box is very important. You must know that the wood holds the energy of activity and growth. Silver and gold increase the sense of richness. Earth and ceramic present the power of care and attention.

The second also important question is – What to put in this box?

To get what you want, you must exactly know what you want and what makes you happy. The things in the box should stimulate your happy moments and should help you attract positivity in your life.

If you want to attract love, put red candles, essential oils and scented creams under the bed. If you want more money put into the box different bills, jewelry, gold coins and crystals.

.This treasure box can make your life happier. Treasure box” should be reviewed and refreshed on every three months.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes

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