Four secret benefits of Yoga you didn’t know!

And you thought you knew everything about Yoga!

Not really! There are hundreds of different benefits of Yoga. After all, it has its roots from the time you and I didn’t even exist in the world (or were probably living our past-lives!)

Before I give you the hidden benefits of Yoga, let me give a glimpse of what it is all about:

Yoga is a divine Hindu spiritual practice that includes breath-control exercises, meditation and different postures of the body. This practice is adopted for a better health and mental relaxation.

Now, let us see the four hidden benefits of Yoga:

1)      You don’t gain soon if you lose weight by performing Yoga AsanasI am sure you know that Yoga helps in losing weight, but how many of you know that you don’t gain soon, even if you stop performing the Asanas for a few weeks? This practice takes some time for you to lose weight; similarly, it takes at least a few months for you to put on, after stopping the practice. On the other hand, if you stop your aerobic exercises or brisk walking, you tend to gain weight within a few days.

2)      You tend to have a beautiful and glowing skin If you didn’t know this already – it is time for you to know that Yoga helps in cleaning your skin. There are many body postures that can be performed for a better or healthier skin. If you want a spotless and radiant skin, this is the best exercise for you.

3)      It brings you closer to yourself – I hope you know that there’s another you inside of you – your conscience. If you want to be closer to yourself, you need to meditate. Every single Yoga session starts and ends with a five-minute meditation session, which allows you to talk to yourself.

4)      You can practice Yoga during your periods as well – Even if you don’t feel the pain during periods, not all the exercises can be performed during those days of the month. When you are in your chums, you’ve got to lower the speed of your brisk walking, pause your aerobic sessions and skip your gym workouts for at least a day or two. On the other hand, there are many Yoga Asanas that can be performed even on the first day of your monthly cycles.

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