Stay Full Longer With This Enchanced Diet


Oatmeal is great for an energetic start of the day. Slowly digestes in the stomach, giving the body energy while the presence of dietary fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive system. There is evidence that oatmeal affect the levels of hormones that regulate hunger.
Except for the regulation of blood sugar, oatmeal also helps to reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular disease.


Include two boiled eggs in your breakfast, and you will stay satiated until lunch. Filled with protein, eggs are good allies in controlling appetite.
Numerous studies show that people who eat eggs for breakfast weaken faster than those who start the day with baked goods.


Apples contain a lot of water and fiber, which donate a feeling of satiety. Excellent for controlling hunger between big meals.
There are pectin in apple, which prevents drastic increase in blood sugar which triggers hunger.


The fish is the base of healthy eating. Salmon is a fantastic choice because it contains healthy fats that prevents hunger until the next meal.
Studies have shown that people who ate fish felt finer than people who consumed beef, and moreover, ate an average of 75 calories less during the next meal.

5.Beans, peas, lentils

Legumes not only fill the stomach, but also boost metabolism. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, they are a mandatory element of a healthy and balanced diet.


Flax seed is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. It is enough to consume a teaspoon per day, in addition to fresh salads or oatmeal.


If you want healthy fats and mix of essential vitamins and minerals, you should give a chance to this fruit.
The best is that avocados filling quickly, so it is enough to eat little to chase away hunger for longer.

8.Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts

Healthy trio of protein, fat and fiber makes nuts fruits an excellent filling snack.

In addition, fresh salad of green vegetables and clear soups help reduce the calories from the meal and stimulate the feeling of satiety.

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