HAND DIET – The Fastest and Safest Way to Lose Weight

This special diet is called the “Hand diet” and it shows you how much of certain foods you should eat.

According to the experts, uncontrolled eating and large portions are the major cause of obesity. They say, one serving of meat should not be bigger than the palm, the amount of pasta must be smaller than clenched fist.

When it comes to butter, the maximum amount that you need to put on a slice of bread should be the size of fingertip (see picture).

The peanut butter should be as the top of the thumb, and a piece of cheese should be like two fingers.

The researchers have warned even 10 years ago, that the portions are getting bigger and bigger, and the number of obese people increases.

We are not aware that a teaspoon of butter for example has 37 calories, and a large spoon has three times as many 111 calories.

Put dressing on the salad, but give preference to the vinegar instead of oil. One teaspoon of oil has 35, and one large spoon 135 calories. One extra tablespoon of oil each day will give you 6 kilos excess for 1 year.

We recommend you to not sweeten the tea and the coffee, and reduce the intake of sugar for 2 tablespoons three times a day, what means 37.000 calories less for 1 year!

Enjoy your ice cream occasionally, but not more than 1 ball! Stop eating walnuts and nut just after several pieces.

Don’t eat pancakes bigger that the size of a CD, for example, you should eat mayonnaise in the size of a poker chip.

Don’t eat chocolate bigger that a pack of floss.

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Source: Healthy Life Concept

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