(VIDEO) He Thought It Was Just A Pimple But YOU WON’T BELIEVE What Came Out Of His Back!

After seeing the pimple on his back, this man at first though he was stung by a fly, but when he took a second look he realized he will need tweezers. They actually realized it is an insect called botfly.

Botfly is an insect known to lay its eggs under animal’s skin. The bad part comes when the larvae are out of the eggs, this is when they start feeding themselves with their host. In the video you can see a botfly which laid eggs inside a human. The man said he felt dizzy and nauseous, but fortunately the insect was taken out before it infected the man’s blood.

You may think this is happening in some remote area, but it actually happened in USA, so it is not really far away from us and we should all be careful.

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