Here’s What Happens When You Put Onion on Your Feet and Wrapped Them in a Transparent Foil!!

The bottom of the foot is powerful point linked to internal organs in our body. In the Chinese medicine this points are known as meridians, and they are pathways to organs in the body. Treating these points we can access to internal organs, relive the pain and cure the disease of the organs.

Applying onion on the skin, kills germs and bacteria. They also have phosphoric acid that enters the bloodstream and helps purify the blood.

f you want to clean your body and improve your blood circulation in a natural way, we are recommending you to start putting onions in your sock before going to sleep.

First you need to cut the onion into slices and wait for a few minutes to appear juice. Then put the onion under your foot and cover with a sock.

In the morning, remove the onions and wash your feet with cold water. Your blood will begin to circulate quickly.

This method will help you to cleanse your body, improve blood circulation, and cure colds and flu. It will also boost your immune system and your metabolism. You will feel healthier than ever.

Source: Health Advice Team

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