House Plants That Can Rapidly Improve Your Health

As the autumn passes and winter rolls in, we spend considerably less time outside, and this means we are considerably more likely to inhale poor air quality. Also, we must not overlook the fact that in our daily lives we are indoor and toxins can drastically affect our health potentially leading to allergies, Asthma, inflammation and even cancer. We should be grateful for so many of the natural ways of bringing the benefits of the outside to the inside.
We suggest you to try these incredible house plants which will improve your inside health.

Jasmine. It promotes quality sleep.
This plant is a kind of vines and shrubs in the olive family that is usually found outside, although it can be grown inside as well.
Jasmine helps improve sleep quality, because it emits scents which has been shown to make us sleep better as well as increase our alertness level.

Lavender. Helps you reduce stress and anxiety
It is one of the 39 species of flowering plants that originate from the mint family and is mostly used as an essential oil. Lavender emits beautiful scents which may help you reduce stress and anxiety. It also can calm your restless baby and make your dream better.

Rosemary. It will improve your memory
It is a perennial herb that originates from Mediterranean region. Rosemary is a member of the mint family. When this herb is put in your bedroom, it helps increase your memory and the overall quality of air in the whole room.

Aloe Vera. This plant will improve the quality of air in the whole room.
It is a juicy plant that has been in use in herbal medicine for a long time, since the beginning of the first century AD. It is worth noting that NASA utilizes these plants to increase the air quality as it refreshes the oxygen.

English Ivy Plant. It will reduce mold count
This plant is a kind of flowering plant that originates from Western Asia and Europe. English Ivy plant has been proven to reduce airborne mold by 94%, which has a substantial benefit for people who suffer from lung irritation and allergies.

Snake Plant. This plant prevents headaches
It is a kind of flowering plant that originates from Asparagaceae, native to West Africa. Snake plant has been proven to be very helpful in getting rid of respiratory problem, eye irritation, and headaches. This plant will increase your overall energy level.
Source: David Wolfe

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