How Pasteurized Diary Destroys Your Bones from the Inside

The only beverage still aggressively pushed on children as a health promoting food, but actually with the opposite effect – a disease promoting food, is the milk. The dairy industry has made it that, drinking pasteurized milk is very useful for general health or bones, but it is not nearly as good as they made it out to be.

There are many proves that cow’s milk has a deteriorating effect on health when is consumed in the long-term. It’s a large scale study of thousands of Swedish people who claim this, and the research was published in The British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Why Does Milk Cause Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures

A big fat lie, said from the dairy industry is that pasteurized dairy products such as milk or cheese increases bioavailable calcium levels. The process only creates calcium carbonate, which has no way of entering the cells without a chelating agent. So the body pulls the calcium from the bones and other tissues in order to buffer the calcium carbonate in the blood. This process actually causes osteoporosis.

Over 99% of the body’s calcium is in the skeleton, where it provides mechanical rigidity. Pasteurized dairy forces a calcium intake lower than normal, and the skeleton is used as a reserve to meet needs. Long-term use of skeletal calcium to meet these needs leads to osteoporosis.

American people have one of the highest risk of osteoporosis in the world. Actually, people from USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

When milk has been heated to 165 degrees, and pasteurization is complete, the enzyme phosphatase is 100 percent destroyed, but actually this is the enzyme that is critical for the absorption of minerals including calcium! The third most abundant enzyme in raw milk is the phosphatase.

The More Milk You Drink, The More Inflammatory Molecules

The main sugar in milk named galactose, or a breakdown product of lactose is the reason for negative health effects of milk. A research team found that, the more milk that people drink, the more inflammatory molecules were present in their urine.

Also, they found that, woman who reported eating a lot of cheese and yogurt had a lower chance of fracturing a bone or dying than the women who ate low amounts of the diary products. This supports the inflammation hypothesis because yogurt and cheese contain much less lactose and galactose than milk.

There are many researches which prove the fact that milk can cause a cancer.

Pasteurization Masks Low-Quality Milk and Destroy Nutrients and Enzymes

All humans still drink milk because they think it’s safe due to pasteurization. People think that, they can improve their health by drinking milk. Heat can destroy a great number of bacteria in milk and thus conceals the evidence of dirt, pus and dirty dairy practices. Producing dirty milk and killing the bacteria by heat is cheaper than to maintain a clean dairy and keep cows healthy.

This is why we don’t recommend you pasteurized milk as a beverage. There is a far greater risk in consuming it than not, and also it has no significant nutritional value. There are also plenty of alternatives including coconut milk, nut milks, and hemp milk which far exceed conventional cow’s milk in terms of nutrition and health promoting properties.


Source: Healthy Holistic Living

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