How to Massage Your Fingers to Get Rid of Cold, Sore Throat, Relieve Headache & Pain in the Sinuses

If you want to relieve stress and alleviate numerous illnesses, including flu and colds you should try this ancient art acupressure. You will be amazed by the results.

Read the following article for more useful tips and information and learn how to apply some pressure on particular area of the hand and alleviate sore throat, cough, runny nose and pain. It is very easy and you can do it all by yourself.


Find yourself a comfortable position in chair or armchair. Leave your legs uncrossed and breathe evenly. Warm up your hand well, rubbing them together for about a minute, to increase the energy and make them more sensitive. Grasp the opposite hand and place your hands on your thighs. Start simulating the desired acupuncture point and if you feel any pain during the massage remember to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.



If you have a cold, you should massage the first section of the tip of your thumb to stimulate the nose and the throat. For sore throat (pharyngitis and laryngitis) stimulate the lower part of the thumb.

The points that correspondent to sinus cavities are located at the tips of all your fingers except the thumb. Massage these points as close as you can to the tips of the nails. This kind of massage relieves pain in the sinuses, headache, dizziness, feeling of pressure in the head, stuffy nose and difficulty breathing and it also stimulates the secretion of mucus. For Influenza you should apply some pressure on the pads of all fingers.


There are many benefits from this massage. Some of them are:

  • Prevention: applying regular pressure on the main acupuncture helps in maintain good health and it can aid in the prevention and development in certain diseases.
  • Therapeutic effect: regular and systematic stimulation can improve overall health
  • Diagnostic effect: great discomfort of pain while pressuring certain points may indicate another problem, related to the function of a particular organ


The main thing about acupressure is its ability to relieve tension, because the pressure on certain points directly affects relaxation and restore body balance.

Application of acupressure stimulates the excretion of substances in the body and also can eliminate any blockages in the flow of life energy and thus helps the body starts its self healing process.


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