Is it Healthy to Eat PORK???

The consumption of pork meat is not allowed for each religion and country. According to them, the meat is considered to be “unclean”. Honestly, we don’t know is there any logical explanation behind everything.

Pigs will eat almost anything, including spoiled substances, feces, urine and even harmful growths, so we can say that pigs are scavengers by nature. They have incompetent digestive system for expelling these harmful poisons from their bodies. Actually, they will process its nourishments in around four hours, and it’s not enough to uproot the overload of toxins that were ingested. The harmful poisons are stored in the pig’s organs, especially in the fat cells.

A group of scientists made a medical research, and almost 69% (of around 200 samples) of all crude pork tests were loaded with harmful poisons and microorganisms, known as Yersinia enteroclitica. Fever, gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, vomiting and cramps are some of the health problems which could be caused by these harmful microorganisms.

According to these studies, ground pork was more prone to be spoiled, that pork slashes. Ground pork was also positive for different contaminations, including a “questionable” compound-ractopamine, which is banned in Europe and Chine. The amount of the microscopic organisms found in ground pork was terrifying and dangerous, and it can cause you a very serious health damage.

Pigs are hosts to many different and dangerous parasites and infections which can be easily transferred to human beings. Some of them are:

  • Taenia solium-this is an intestinal parasite which can cause tissue contamination and loss of appetite
  • Menangle infecton –terrible infecton which can bring fever, chills, migraines and sweating
  • Hepatitis E – a viral irritation, and it can cause jaundice, weariness and nausea.

Almost 97% of all pigs in United States are brought up in factory farms (CAFO-Concentrated animal feeding operation). It means that all of these pigs will never get the chance to run on grass, inhale outside or play in the sun. They are confined and swarmed into stockrooms, and they are nourished with an eating regiment to gain more weight. These pigs are fed with medication and anti-infection agents to keep them alive.

In real life, the pigs should have enough space to sleep, to eat proper food and also they need enough room to run. They need clean water and sun. in the factory farms, the pigs don’t have the required space, which means they sleep and rest their own feces, urine and vomit.

Cause if the bad living conditions for the pigs in the factory farms, they are forced to live in terrible conditions and breathe lethal gasses. Ammonia originates from the urine and pig’s defecation. The pig’s lungs are damaged from this gas. More than 80% of pigs in USA have pneumonia at the season of slaughter.


Source: Healthy Life Tricks



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