The kidneys are major organs in our body which are responsible for clearing water from our body, balance body fluids, form urine, and help in the other important functions of the body. Every day they process the blood to sift out waste products and extra water. This is how urine is formed.

They are organs that filter our toxins and waste from the bloodstream. Because toxins can affect your entire body, there is no question that supporting your kidneys is crucial for keeping your overall health in check.

Without a balanced diet, purified drinking water, and body cleaning, toxins can build up and affect function of the kidneys, liver, and neighboring organs.

Cleaning your kidneys helps to eliminate toxins, improve urine flow and improve kidney function.

In the text bellow, you are going to read 7 most common warning signs of kidney damage and if you notice any of them you should immediately consult with your doctor and determine the best course of treatment.

Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is one of the first signs of kidney damage. If you feel a one-sided pain in the upper back in combination with urinary changes and fever your kidneys are probably malfunctioning. If this pain is severe and accompanied with spasms it could be a case of kidney infection or kidney stones.

Skin Rash

Rashes and itchy skin can be caused by the the waste buildup in your body which can be linked to kidney failure. Your skin will look unhealthy, dry and irritated if the kidneys can’t filter the blood and remove the waste build up. You can’t solve this problem only with lotions, creams, and other cosmetics, IF the rash is directly caused by the kidney problems of course


Damaged kidneys could be also result to swelling without any obvious reason. The kidney’s function is compromised they could be unable to remove the waste build up leading to swelling in your face, hands, legs, feet and ankles.


As the kidneys secrete erythropoietin, a hormone that stimulates red blood cell formation, a person with compromised kidney function is likely to experience chronic fatigue, lack of oxygen in the cells, and anemia. This is a result of a reduced number of red blood cells.

Shortness of Breath

In case of damaged kidneys, your body most likely lacks oxygen and the lack of oxygen carried by red blood cells can lead to shortness of breath as a result of fluids and waste accumulation in the lungs.

Changes in Urination

Some of the first signs of kidney disease could be also changes in urine color and urination. Urine turns foamy or pale, and a person may experience frequent need for urination during sleep or excrete more urine than normal. Kidney disease can also be marked by completely opposite symptoms including dark or bloody urine, less urine than usual, difficulties urinating, and feeling pressure while urinating.

Metallic Taste in Your Mouth

If you lose your appetite without any apparent reason, and if you suddenly feel a metallic taste in your mouth, you’re probably suffering from kidney damage because this is one of the most common signs of kidney damage.

Source: Healthy Food Team

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