Lemon Peel Trick to Get Rid of Inflammation and Chronic Pain

It’s no coincidence that lemon is called super food. There is a very obvious reason related to that.

As a fact lemons are reach in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, A, B1, B6, magnesium, bioflavonoids, pectin, folic acid, phosphorous, calcium, and potassium.

Lemons are helpful when treating many diseases, and are very efficient for the intestines, stomach, liver, and the overall immune system.

Lemons functions as a butter in the body and can reduce hyperactivity in the stomach. Because of its great antiseptic effect, lemon peels are good treats for fever.

Probably you already knew all of this. The news are that this citrus fruit helps with joint pain. The fragrant volatile essential oils in the lemon peel help to relax blood vessels and they produce an anti-inflammatory effect, making them useful for joint and nerve pain.

There are two ways of joint pain treatment using lemon peel. You just need some ingredients which you already have in your house.

The first way

Grate the peel and carefully separate the yellow and none of the white. Rub the peel directly onto the problematic body part and wrap it with a bandage. Let it stay in this position for two hours.

The second way

Add the rind of two whole lemons in a jar, and fill with olive oil. Close it well and let it stay for two weeks. Rub the oil onto the problematic body part and now wrap it with gauze. Let the mixture stay overnight.

The important thing to remember is to use organic lemons.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes

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