Lose 13 to 18kg in thirty days with Rice Diet

As an excellent source of energy, rice is rich in carbohydrates, which are needed for the brain to function properly and for all kinds of physical activity. Of all the cereals, rice also contains the highest quality proteins and in the greatest quantities. It contains little fat and no cholesterol.

The rice diet is a quick weight loss program which will shed 13 to 18kg from your body in one month. This diet was developed in 1939 and it was initially crafted to treat kidney diseases, but it has also relieved more than 20 000 patients from hypertension, diabetes and other diseases by consuming rice as their main food. It works just like fasting diets, cleaning the harmful toxins from the inside of your body.

The first day of the rice diet is dedicated to detoxifying your whole body, so you may experience headache, which is temporary and won`t last for long. After the first week, you may get rid of acnes, get relief in arthritis and other problems which are caused due to accumulation of the toxins.

Why rice should be your main food?

There are two main reasons. First reason is because rice is actually low in sodium whose focus is to get rid of the problems which take place due to high sodium content in your body. Second reason is because rice is actually easily available and it is very prominent food. It contains many essential nutrients which are attaining to more healthy and fit body.

 Food you should eat and you should avoid during Rice Diet

Beans, seeds, fruits, vegetables, iron and vitamin supplements are recommended nutritious and healthy food items during the rice diet. Also, there are food items that are forbidden during the Rice diet and those are processed foods, packaged foods, salt, sugar, proteins, fats and high calorie foods. Try not to eat meat at all, except for the fish. You can eat meat and drink juices occasionally, but try to make them lean and without adding sugar.

We can say it is low sodium diet

Daily average individual consumption of sodium is between 4,000 and 5,000mg and Rice diet aims to bring down their daily consumption to 500mg. Sodium or salt are the less preferred food items and you should avoid them during the diet, because when the salt reaches inside your body, it swells up and makes your body swell up as well. It is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes, kidney failure etc., because it is exactly the same as consumption of “slow poison”. For adequate functioning of your body organs, less than half gram of sodium is sufficient for your body.

Low Protein & Fat

The rice diet recommends consuming five grams of fat and twenty grams of protein on a daily bases to continue losing weight and to acquire healthier body. People going along with the rice diet have been seen acquiring better health and trimmed body.

Three Phases of The Rice Diet

The rice diet has been allocated into three phases. Initial phase of the diet plan is highly restrictive, but as you will proceed with the diet, variety of food items will keep adding up in it.

Phase One

This phase is the beginning phase of the rice diet which will last for one week. You will gain nutrients and energy from 5% of fats, 6% of proteins and 89% of carbs.

Phase Two

This phase will also last for one week. The amount of nutrients will be raised in this phase. You are supposed to gain energy by consuming 7% of fats, 13% of proteins and 80% of carbs.

Phase Three

This phase is also known as maintenance phase and it will last throughout your lifetime. In this phase you will consume 1200 calories in a day and you will gain energy by consuming 10-20% of fats, 15% of proteins and 65-75% of carbs.


If you want to stick to the rice diet, we highly recommend you to do it under the supervision of a dietitian or a health expert, otherwise you are likely to make your body deficient in essential nutrients.

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