Man Eats 2 Tbs of Coconut Oil Twice a Day for 60 Days and This Happens to His Brain!

Dr. Mary Newport has a theory that claims that ketone bodies, which are formed when our body digests coconut oil, can serve as an alternative fuel for our brain. It is believed that this oil is very efficient in preventing and treating of Alzheimer’s

Dr. Mary has her own story. Her husband Steve suffered from progressive dementia for 5 years and then doctors also diagnosed Alzheimer’s.

That was the reason why she told us her story

She said:

My husband very often was in a fog, he couldn’t find a spoon or remember hot to get water out of the refrigerator.“

She recounted that Steve had no short-term memory, but the information still existed somewhere in his brain. Steve started consuming medication, but he become depressed.

She wanted to help him. She was sure that there is some remedy which can help her to bring her husband back.

Dr. Newport was interested in finding of studies which stated that medium chain triglycerides or ketone bodies were able to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

She said:

If glucose is unavailable, the cells in our body can use ketone bodies as an alternative furl. We all know that they do not normally circulate in the body, only in cases when it is starving for several days, or if we follow a very low-carb diet.”

In Alzheimer’s, the neurons in some brain areas are unable to take in glucose due to insulin resistance, and slowly die off. But if these cells had access to ketone bodies, they could stay alive.

That is why she started giving her husband a dose of coconut oil every day. He consumed 3 tablespoons of this oil twice a day. After only three mounts he became happier and more alert. His tremor was reduced and he was no longer distracted from his work.

After one year, Steve started recognizing his relatives and friends and he was active in conversations. Mary finally got her husband back.


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