Master the Art of Mattifying Your Skin

If you are wondering how to mattify an oily complexion without looking like you put the whole powder on your face, this is the right place to be. Here you will learn how to master the art of matte.

Rule Number One Always Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup

Of course that you want to achieve the look of your favorite celebrity, but first of all you got to prepare your skin for that aim. The whole process starts with cleanser. Find the right one and make your skin perfect for applying the makeup. With preparing the skin the makeup bond better and makes it look smoother. The best cleanser according to makeup stylists is the one without harmful chemicals. It is pretty seriously to carefully choose it. There are face wash formulas for all different types and it is important to pick the right according to your type. No matter of your type, dirty skin never absorbs the makeup correctly and it does not show how beautiful your face is. Besides keeping your skin clean they also ensure the performance from your other skin care products.

Mattifying Gel

Yes, oil skin can be frustrating, but the good news are that you can get rid of it with mattifying gel and no, you don’t need to add more powder foundation. Instead of more coverage, you just have to absorb the oil. Makeup artists are recommending the mattyfying gel for controling the shiny, light-reflective skin, but to still keep the fresh and renewed look. It can be used over and under makeup for five hours. If your skin becomes shinier throughout the day it will not only help you to control the blemishes and absorb oil, but will hydrate your skin. Just avoid reapplying products or touching your face with your hands throughout the day. Instead, dab your face with blotting papers as necessary. Aloe vera gel is far away the best one for solving your problem.

Mattifying Moisturizer

Whether that’s mattifying cooling or calming, moisturizers for oily skin can solve all the skin core concerns. Check the key ingredients, such as vitamin C, lemongrass and willow bark extract and choose the one appropriate with your skin type. Make sure that is not too rich for your skin, by avoiding mineral oil, petroleum and petrolatum in your moisturizer. Too heavy moisturizer will cause pores to become clogged and skin to shine.

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