Mix Banana and Water and Immediately Heal Children’s Cough and Bronchitis

Other than being delicious, a mixture of banana and water can heal cough and bronchitis in children immediately.

This mix is an effective proven way of treating persistent cough and bronchitis. It’s efficient to heal children, but it is also very preventive for adults. Besides being tasty, healthy and nutritious it is very beneficial for the stomach. Preparation for this helpful cure is very easy and simple.


2 ripe bananas

2 spoons of sugar

500 ml of boiling water


Remove the banana peel and then by using a plastic or wooden spoon smash it. Next step is to add the sugar and slowly stir the mixture. The final step is to pour the boiling water and leave it to stand a while. The best time is to wait is for about half an hour.

Strain the mixture in a plastic strainer (so the banana won’t get darken)


The mixture should be consumed 4 times a day for 125 ml on every 2 hours. You will see the results the very first day. In only few days the cough will totally disappear. Expensive medicaments are not needed. Your child will be healthy and happy again in no time


Source: http://www.healthandhealthytips.com

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