The Psychology of Colors: What Your Favorite Color Says About You?

It is found that our favorite color says a lot about our personality. I know that it sounds unbelievable but you will probably find yourself somewhere in this description.


Blue: You are clever, creative, assertive and full of energy. Like the ocean, you appear strong and confident. Sometimes you can be aggressive and selfish. You are one of the first people to initiate new projects, make changes or take a stand. During each experience, you acquired skills that can be used through cooperative, altruistic efforts like charity work, family bonding and team building.


Red: You are passionate, ambitious and competitive. People have high expectations of you because you hold great power. You have a lot of friends because you are very generous and loyal. You are focused on providing love and compassion to others.


Green: You are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist. You can achieve anything you want. You love spending time with your family and friends. Sometimes you are shy, lazy and inflexible. You love nature and animals.


Black: You are thoughtful, clever and philosophical. You are well-controlled and good at moderating potentially harmful behaviors and attitudes. You want power and prestige and you are not afraid of going after what you want. You are born to be leader.


White: You are very adaptable, cooperative, and ready to lend a hand to those in needs. Expressing your feelings is really hard for you, so you tend to keep them inside. You may take a while to start working on a project or toward a goal, but once you get the ball rolling, you work hard as it gets to achieve it. You live your life on your own schedule and terms.


Brown: You are natural leader with great emotional intelligence. Your imagination and strong principles are two of your best qualities. You give more than you hope to get in return. You make a great friend, a great parent and a great partner.


Yellow: You are curious and you enjoy learning new things. You always seek happiness and positive energy. You are very wise and once you set your mind on something you make sure it happens.


Pink: You are loving, kind, sensitive and warm. You are cautious and careful in your thoughts and actions. You work hard to accomplish your goals and provide security for yourself and your family. You are very sympathetic and attached to the people who surround you.


Purple: You are artistic and unique. You appreciate the little things in life. You love dancing, singing and be around positive people. You represent luck in beginning new things. You are full with ideas and plans.


Gray: If this is your favorite color, you are neutral about life, often to the point of being indifferent. You are practical and calm, do not like to attract attention and are simply seeking a contented life. You tend to make fair and balanced judgments, and may be a good critic, because of your emotional detachment.


Source: Thought Catalog

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