The Recipe for Natural Removal of Fatty Tissue (LIPOMA) Within 8 Days-Confirmed by Thousands of People!

Mass formation or lipomas are benign tumors and can occur on the neck, head, armpit or arms in any age.

Usually they are surgical removal but we are going to give you a natural alternative.

Natural Cure for Removing Lipoma

You should mix honey and flour and then apply it on the lipoma. After that put a patch and leave it for 36 hours. Then rinse it with cold water.

Repeat this 5 times in a row.

Why does it work?

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and draws impurities, stimulates lymph flow and circulation. In combination with flour we get a powerful remedy for treating lipomas.

Additional tips for fatty deposits:

-Improve your diet

-Detoxify your body regularly

-Eliminate statured fats and refined oils from the diet completely

-Avoid food with additives, preservatives and pesticides

-Drink every morning a juice of half a lemon

-Use omega-3 fatty acids

Source: Just Amazing Recipes

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