Running: Free Medicine That Benefits Your Entire Body

Keeps your heart healthy

It is known that your heart is not just a muscle, but the most important muscle in your body, and running is the best free medicine that helps you keep it healthy. Running puts stress on your heart, which makes it more efficient and improves oxygen flow through the body. Being a cardiovascular exercise it reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attack. It`s also good for your cholesterol levels and can lower your body blood pressure.


Increases lung function

Running is a great way to increase lung capacity. During running, your lungs work together with your heart and circulatory system to provide oxygen to your working muscles for energy production. Try making it harder, mix in sprints and you will be amazed how this hard work will pay off for better lung capacity.


Reduces depression

Running will surely improve your mood. When you are running chemicals in your body called endorphins are activated, reducing your perception of pain and alleviate depression. Running even for a few miles is associated with a reduced depression risk. Just 20 minutes of slow running per day, or at least fast walking, is enough to keep depression at bay.


Helps you sleep better

Physical activities including running, walking, pilates, swimming etc. can help you sleep better. Lack of exercise is also associated with poor sleep. By increasing the level of your physical activity during the day, you give your body enough stimulation, so that you are not so full of energy at night. After running sympathetic activity starts to decrease and allow us to fall asleep more quickly and to sleep more deeply.


Slows done aging

It is in our control how healthy we are as we get older. Running is the best way to slow down the side effects of aging. Seniors who exercise have stronger cells. Even walking will help you to slow down aging.


It`s good for your bones

Running builds bone health. It will trigger your bones to lay down more minerals and get stronger. Low bone density can lead to stress fractures now and frailty later and increase risks for osteoporosis-related fractures. Running can lead to significant increases in your bone density. Running is a high-impact activity that is especially good for building strong bones because it causes the lower body to bear your entire weight.

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