Salt and Oil – After Applying You Will Not Feel Pain For Several Years

This incredible natural remedy is known to relieve the pain of osteoporosis immediately, and after using it you won’t feel pain in a long term.

This mixture is for massage and it is prepared with unrefined vegetable oil and salt (sea salt can also be used)


10 tablespoons of salt

20 tablespoons of oil


In a glass bottle add the oil, then the salt. Close it well. After 3-4 days you will get a light mixture.


Rub the problematic area every morning with a vigorous massage for 2-3 minutes. Start increasing the time each day by adding another 2-3 minutes to the event to eventually get 20 minutes for the whole process. When the massage is done, wipe the neck with a wet and warm towel. Because of the salt, the massage may cause temporary skin irritation. That’s why we recommend in the end of the massage, to wipe the skin with a dry cloth and sprinkle with baby’s powder.

The results should be expected after 8-10 treatments. This treatments stimulates blood circulation and improves muscle regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue.

As an amazing natural remedy, regulates the blood flow in the cervical spine, prevents headaches and improves eyesight.

While cleansing you may feel a little drowsiness or dizziness, but only at the beginning, it does not happen often. In general, as a treatment of osteoporosis it goes without side effect and provides great results.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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