If You Have This Sandals Throw Them Away Immediately and Here’s Why!

A recent study made in Germany found that clogs, which are made of plastic materials, contain a lot of carcinogenic compounds. Wearing them can be a reason for developing a numerous kinds of cancer.

To prove it, scientists selected 10 pairs of clogs from the best brands on the market. They made a lot of analyzes in their laboratory, and the results were shocking. They confirmed that the clogs contained 60% of PAHs also known as aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons. They are very dangerous for our health, our bodies absorb them easily and they cause cell mutation.

70% of the clogs that were examined contained this harmful compound.

The worst is that we can also inhale this toxin or it can penetrate into our skin. That is why we recommend you to throw away your clogs immediately.

It was confirmed that the original Clogs did not contain PAHs, but they can cause a different allergies.

Source: Love Inspire Amaze

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