After You See What Happens , You’ll Freeze Lemons For The Rest Of Your Life !!!

Lemons contain unique compounds called lemonoids which can stop the progression of tumors, especially in people suffering from breast cancer. According to research, the effects lemon has on the human body are amazing!

The lemon peel contains about double the vitamins than the actual lemon juice. Besides being a powerful anti-carcinogenic agent, lemons can also detoxify your body and eliminate worms, parasites, fungi and bacteria.

If you are asking yourself how to eat the lemon peel, don’t worry, we are going to show you an amazing way of doing it.

Take a lemon, and wash it well. You can put it in a bowl with a baking soda and water to wash the pesticides well. Then, put it in a freezer and allow it to freeze completely. You can cut it into pieces if you want, it’s up to you. Once the lemon is frozen, simply grind or grate it, then sprinkle the iced lemon peel onto your drinks, creams, soups, pasta, salads or desserts.

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Source: Super Tasty Recipes

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