She Presses Her Ear with Clothespin Every Day. Check Why and Soon You Will Do The SAME!!!

Pushing on particular points on the body is a piece of medicine that removes pain. We call it Reflexology. The ear has many nerve endings, making it the best part of our body to apply this method on.

Through these 6 points, our ear is connected with all parts of the body. With pressure on certain points, we can remove the pain very easy.

  1. The shoulders and back


The upper part of the ear is linked to the back and shoulders. Keep one clip for about 60 seconds, and you will get rid of the tension and reduce the pain.

  1. Bodies


All organs in the body are linked with this point. Just a gentle massage with your fingers will make you feel amazing. If you feel inner pain, you have to see a physician!

  1. Joints


The upper central part of the ear belongs to wrists. The clothespin is the solution for painful hands and feet. But, if you have a chronic pain, you should see the doctor for advice!

  1. Sinuses and Throat


The lower part of the ear is associated with throat and paranasal sinuses. When it’s cold or it comes to sinus infection, clothespin can be a supernatural occurrence.

  1. Digestion


You can eliminate or at least reduce your stomach pain with the point which is above the earlobe and is strongly linked with digestion. You can also  apply this method for prevention.

  1. The heart and the head


The most important parts of our body are the head and the heart which are related with the ear. So, heart problems or headache can be eliminated with an ordinary clothespin very easy

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