SHOCKING!!! Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain BULL URINE AND SEMEN?!?!

Longhorn Cattle Company created uproar when they submitted their findings of a study conducted to fully understand the components of our readily available energy drinks. In their submission they stated that energy drinks comprised of a condiment derived from bull semen and urine.

These days, several energy drink brands were tested, and it was found that this alarming truth was not a one-off but a norm. All energy drink brands had extract from bull urine and semen called Taurine.

This means that, energy drink brands like Monster and Red Bull as well.

Taurine derives its name from the Latin word Taurus which means bull. Leopold Gmelon and Friedrich Tiedemann are Australian scientists who first extracted the compound from ox bile in 1827. Taurine is compound found in bull’s liver, urine and semen.

The compound doesn’t have carboxyl group and is classified as an amino acid.

This is a strong reason to get rid of all those energy drinks you have stored up. The major component of all is Taurine.

There is even a leaked video that has gone viral, where a former employee of a major energy drink brand exposes how the Taurine is extracted from the bulls and how it is processed for use in the energy drinks.

There are also many health risks and problems which are identified and directly linked to energy drinks such as heart attack and stroke.

We highly recommend you to stop using those energy drinks and take care more about your health. Don’t forget to like this article and share with your family.

Source: Healthy Food Star

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